Simply give us a call at 855-A-Cookie (855-226-6543) and we will get you set up. We will customize the gifts to meet you needs and budget. You get to choose the size of gift that you want to order. All of our packages also include greeting cards, so we will ask you what you want included inside the tin. Then you let us know when and where you want to ship the gift tins to (directly to each of your recipients or to you) and we will take care of the rest. Delicious gift giving made simple.

Our specialty is our classic gourmet chocolate chip cookie. That is the most popular cookie, and ours are fantastic. If you haven't tried them, you're missing out. We also make oatmeal raisin, oatmeal chocolate chip, triple chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, ginger, and sugar cookies. Some flavors we only make during the holiday season or for special requests. We can make other cookies as well. For more information, give us a call at 855-A-Cookie (855-226-6543) or 320-230-1950.

We ship worldwide. Most of our packages are shipped directly to your recipients, but we can also send gift tins directly to you for you to hand out. Our shipping prices are based on current Priority Mail prices. Shipping is 1-3 days within the United States and takes a little longer when shipped internationally. Our cookies are shipped the same day that they are baked to ensure the freshest gift possible.

Absolutely. While it is helpful to plan in advance, we will do our best to help you out on any short notice. Give us a call at 855-A-Cookie (855-226-6543) or 320-230-1950 any time you need help or if you have questions. If you prefer, shoot us an email to camidwest@gmail.com

We have gift towers and multiple cookies available for your larger orders. Just contact us and we will help you meet your needs. 855-A-Cookie (855-226-6543) or 320-230-1950. Email camidwest@gmail.com.

Yes. When you are looking for client gifts, you can choose the size of packages that you are shipping to different customers. Mix and match sizes to meet your individual client's size. When you send us your list, we will let you choose what size of gift goes to each customer. Make them all the same or not, it is up to you.

Discounts are available. We can discount for larger orders. If you have a budget, we will also work with you to meet your needs within your constraints.

Email: camidwest@gmail.com
Toll Free: 855-A-Cookie (855-226-6543)
Local: 320-230-1950
Cell Phone 763-442-0563
Fax: 320-230-3297